Cleaning, Washing and Maintaining Big Buildings’ Window

Ah, window washing. You don’t have to like the job, but you and everyone loves the result of it. As I maintained in Planning Window Arrangement and Placement for Your House, the highlights of your house are the shape of your house, your door, and your window – and stunning first impressions is quite important.

Maintaining your window may seem like a simple task of wiping glass but it is actually quite a serious mission. You will have to deal with dripping water, wads of paper towel or newspaper (not the tools I would recommend as rubbing with these would just move dirt from one spot to another, creating static charge on the glass which attracts dust and dirt – not to mention the smell), and annoying stains of hard water runoff, minerals, bird droppings and dirt on the window glass. Pressing your squeegee or strip applicator or towel too hard and it might scratch your window glass, or worse, crack it.

cleaning, washing and maintaining the windowCleaning, washing and maintaining big buildings’ windows are even more dangerous. You must use safety belts with straps, safety cables or safety apparatus to protect you against fall ⟶①.

Facade hoists and mobile equipment allows access to panoramic fixed glazing (large dimensions, glass from the floor to the ceiling giving the room an attractive appearance and excellent thermal insulation). They can clean window and facades as shown in below figures ⟶⑧⑨⑩ efficiently. They are available to carry out maintenance and repair work thus they save the cost of scaffolding – a temporary structure on the outside of a building made of wooden planks and metal poles, used by workers while building, repairing, cleaning or maintaining the buildings’ window.

If fitted at the right time, they can be used to carry out minor building work (such as fixing blinds, installing the window, etc.).

In the event of a fire hazard, facade hoists and access equipment can be used as rescue apparatus with minimal modifications. The options available include mobile suspended ladders mounted on rails, trackless roof gantry equipment with a cradle, and a rail-mounted roof gantry with a cradle and attached to the roof deck or the balustrade.

Suspended aluminium ladder equipment (for facade access) ⟶② consists of a suspended mobile ladder on rails. The width of the ladder is 724 mm or 840 mm, and the total overall length is 25 m maximum, depending on the shape of the buildings’ window you want to clean up. The maximum safe working load (S.W.L.) is 200 kg (i.e. two men and the apparatus itself). Alternatives are available, such as maintenance gangways ⟶⑤ and cleaning balconies ⟶⑥.

maintenance and cleaning window

intervals of time for window cleaning

Facade hoists and mobile equipment


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