Under-mount sink type

Choosing the Best Sink for Your Kitchen

Before determining the choice of sink that will be paired in your kitchen, you should know first that the sink is made up of various types. Types of sinks are differentiated by way of installation, such as top-mount sink, under-mount sink, and apron-front sink.

If your kitchen uses laminated countertop, choosing a top-mounted sink type is a good choice. Because by using a top-mounted type of sink it is certain that the inside of the countertop will not be exposed to water seepage. And for those of you who have countertop made of materials such as solid surface, stone, and quartz surface choose under-mount type sink is a brilliant choice. The apron-front-sink type is aimed more at offering farmhouse style, available in under-mount, top-mount and tile-in models.


If you choose a sink based on the material then there are options such as cast iron sink, stainless steel sink, and composite sink. Each has different advantages and characters:

  • Cast iron sink → Charming character, lasting craftsmanship.
  • Stainless steel sink → Exceptional durability, easy-to-clean.
  • Composite sink → Rich color, rock-solid design.


If you choose a stainless steel sink, you should choose a sink that is made of thick enough material. In addition to durable, you will be comfortable to use it because its thickness is able to muffle the noise of impact that arise when you use it. Now there’s even a sink that uses Silent Shield® sound-absorption technology offers quieter performance.

The sink can also be distinguished by bowl configuration. You can choose it according to your needs, but it should fit the place in your kitchen.

Of the many choices of sinks available, please also note the size and depth of the sink. This is related to the capacity and comfort when used. Choose a sink that has a depth of at least 9 inches.

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