Child Daycare Centres

Child daycare centres provide social and educational facilities for daytime care of pre-school children and school children up to the age of 15. Children’s needs should be taken into consideration in the planning.

Division according to age groups:

  • Crèche from 8 months to 3 years, groups of 6 – 8 children
  • Kindergarten from 3 years to school age, groups of 25 – 30 children
  • Children’s after-school care centre from 6 – 15 years, groups of 25 – 30 children.

If possible, provision should be made for age groups to be combined. The centre should be near housing and traffic-free.


Size of rooms, schedule of accommodation and details →① + ②.

  • Creche 2 – 3 m2 floor space/child (babies, crawlers and toddlers) plus spaces for: nappy changing table, playpens, cupboards, toy racks, child-size tables and chairs.
  • Kindergarten 1.5 – 3 m2 floor space/child. 15 – 30 children/room plus spaces for cupboards, toy racks, child-size tables and chairs, chalkboards, etc.
  • After-school care centre 1.5 – 4 m2 floor space/child. 20 children/room plus spaces for cupboards, toy racks, child-size tables and chairs, chalkboards, storage facilities, homework room with cupboard for teaching material, shelves, desks and chairs. Arts and crafts room with cupboard for tools and materials, workbench, carpentry bench, etc.

typical plan of kindergarten


child daycare centre

With more than two group rooms a multipurpose room is required, preferably next to the group rooms and with a view of them. Good sound insulation, so as to help concentration in group learning processes, e.g. play rehearsals, etc.

If the room is large enough (min. 60 m2) it can also be used as a gymnasium and for afternoon naps. Apparatus store.

There is a trend towards two-storey buildings with staircases and emergency stairs, especially in high-density urban areas; and child daycare centres with longer opening hours for working or single parents (07.30 – 17.00). Facilities for disabled children, WCs and washrooms accessible to wheelchairs, therapy room. Min. 6 parking spaces and space for bicycles and prams.

Driveway and parking for staff and people collecting children, playground.

kindergarten with central multipurpose room


This “Child Daycare Centres” is taken from the book Architects’ Data written by Ernst and Peter Neufert, whereas this book has become the guideline for architecture college students in the world.

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