Causes Of Smell In The Bathroom

It is very uncomfortable to have a bathroom that smells unpleasant when it is always cleaned up but still also the odor that appears. Especially at any time there are guests or others who want to use the bathroom.
There are various factors that cause odor in a bathroom. Dirty because it is rarely cleaned, no air circulation is well, lack of natural lighting and dirty water installations are not made properly.

In some equipment that becomes a sewer before the dirty water flowed into the waste pipe has been designed or made in such a way that it can inhibit the scent of the sewer can not enter the bathroom. Where they use puddles as a barrier.
The most easily known example is the puddle in the toilet pit. If there is no puddle in the toilet, it means the toilet has been damaged and the smell of septic tank will be free to enter your bathroom.

Likewise with the sink and floor drain. Take a look at the image below:

sink and floor drainThe picture above can be seen how the water puddle serves as a barrier of air inside the sewer does not turn into the bathroom that causes the smell in the bathroom. In addition, in the trap container that also serves as a container of dirt so as not to get into the sewer.


Another way to cope with waste water is to use P-Trap. These accessories are more efficiently used in multi-storey buildings. Combine all the sewerage channels in the bathroom to the p-trap, then flowed or combined with other sewers.

p-trapOn this p-trap water or dirt will pool under the red line mark. To maintain the smoothness of the sewers in your home, check the container container contained on the p-trap periodically.

By knowing the cause and how to overcome it, hopefully your bathroom does not smell anymore.

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