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To Build Energy-Saving Houses Starting from the Walls

Energy-saving issues is no longer something that is rarely thought of, this issue is now a global concern. A source stated that out of the entirety of one hundred percent of energy produced in the world, 60% of them is used for our housings. Starting from regular homes, where that house needs energy to heat the room when the weather…

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Benefits of Interlocking Bricks

As explained earlier that Interlocking Bricks can reduce the cost of building a house because if using an Interlocking Bricks you can reduce the use of cement, no need to use form-work to create columns, do not need a skilled labor to install it, can speed up development time because it is very easy and very quickly install it and…

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Making a Cheap House Wall with Interlocking Bricks

It’s nearly impossible to construct good looking buildings without additional cost. Yet Interlocking Bricks achieves that goal. It’s an accomplishment of engineering as much as one of design. Using the Interlocking Bricks building system, you may save cost by eliminating form-works for reinforced concrete column and beams, plastering and painting costs, reducing many workers, steel and cement. Not only that,…

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Making Energy-saving Walls for House

Architecture science has taught how to make a comfortable home to live in. All aspects related to the house or building is carefully discussed. Starting from determining the direction and position of the house that is laid based on the condition of the situation where the house will be built, the materials will be used to build a house that…

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