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Ideas for Small Living Room

Nowadays, it is hard to build a spacious house. Because of the limitation of the area, many house developers decide to minimize the size of the house. Thus, many small houses do not have a living room, let alone the dining room. They will instead combine the living room as the dining room and the guests’ room. However, there is…

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How to Recreate your Living Room

A living room could be an important room depending on the overall design of your house. Its main purpose is to be a place for family or guest to gather. Here is how to recreate the living room design for your house   How to make a good living room Already mentioned above, the idea of a living room is…

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All You Need to Know About The Living Room

Do you have any idea what a grate is? Do you know the difference between a fireplace and a fire surround? Can you tell me what a hearth is? You may think you have already known all you need to know about the living room, but there is a big chance you don’t. There are times when you know what you’re…

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