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Under-mount sink type

Choosing the Best Sink for Your Kitchen

Before determining the choice of sink that will be paired in your kitchen, you should know first that the sink is made up of various types. Types of sinks are differentiated by way of installation, such as top-mount sink, under-mount sink, and apron-front sink. If your kitchen uses laminated countertop, choosing a top-mounted sink type is a good choice. Because…

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The advantages of dishwashers make your dishes and kitchen utensils clean and hygienic

Advantages of a Dishwasher

Why nowadays many people have switched to washing dishes or kitchen utensils from using hand to a dishwasher? It’s none other than because people are getting to know that washing with a dishwasher has many advantages. Starting from the laundry is guaranteed clean, to the owners of skin sensitive hands of detergents need not worry anymore. Here are some advantages…

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Free-standing dishwasher type from Bosch

Types of Dishwashers

Sometimes for some people the will to have a dishwasher comes later. There are various causes for it, there is caused by cost factor, there is feel not yet need to use dishwasher and others. But when it has decided to buy a dishwasher, a new problem arises. What type of dishwasher is precisely paired in an existing kitchen? Is…

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the MyWay ™ rack feature

What is a Dishwasher

What is a Dishwasher? A dishwasher is a mechanical device for cleaning dishware and cutlery. A dishwasher ends the era of laboriously washing up by hand. It saves time, labour and water. And always produces sparkling results. Unlike manual dishwasher, which relies largely on physical scrubbing to remove soiling, the mechanical dishwasher cleans by spraying hot water, typically between 45…

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The History of Dishwasher

Today, almost everyone already knows and even some have dishwashers, but not everyone knows the history of when the dishwasher began to be discovered, who first created it and what this dishwasher was at first made. The history of dishwasher in America. The first dishwasher device was registered in 1850 in the United States by Joel Houghton for a hand-powered…

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Position of dishwasher in the kitchen

Best Place For a Dishwasher in The Kitchen

Where is the best place for a dishwasher in the kitchen? To answer questions like this, one should see how the layout of the kitchen itself. Can be ascertained that each house has a different kitchen layout. This will certainly result in that each kitchen can be different where the location of the dishwasher. In principle, however, the best place…

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organize the kitchen cabinets

Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

Cooking is an activity you always do every day. For that you must have a comfortable kitchen to use. One of them is to organize your kitchen cabinets well so that it can ease you while cooking. Organize kitchen cabinets ranging from the type of cabinet used, cabinet position is placed, and organizing the contents of the closet in accordance…

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the kitchen size based on your height

Create a Kitchen with Size Based on your Height

Your kitchen should fit like a tailor-made suit. The right work heights will ensure that every day you can cook in an upright position which suits your back. This will influence how comfortable you feel working in your kitchen, because to create a kitchen with size based on your height is to make a continuous workplace where you’re always comfortable…

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A Kitchen for Disabled People

Disabled people are people with disability – an impairment that may be cognitive, developmental, intellectual, mental, physical, sensory, or some combination of these which – affects the person’s life activities. The types of disabilities are: vision impairment, deaf, mental health conditions, acquired brain injury, autism spectrum disorder, intellectual and physical disability. In a house, the kitchen is perhaps the most…

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Corian Smooth Sink 850 paired with backsplash and countertop

Best Surface Material For the Kitchen

The kitchen is a place where we want to cook. Aside from wanting it to look good and comfortable to be used, hygiene is absolute priority in the place where we make our food. To make a nice, clean kitchen, an excellent material must be used to make it, and said material must be hygienic. Now, Corian® Solid Surface is…

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