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Upgrade the Style of Your Bathroom with Contemporary Style

The essential of a bathroom is indeed just a place where we clean ourselves. However, installing a comfortable, stylish, and modern bathroom is also important. If you want to change the style of your bathroom, using the contemporary style will make your bathroom looks clean and sleek. Not to mention, there are many contemporary styles which you can apply to…

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Towel radiator - heating, drying, and beautify

Towel Radiator for a Bathroom

Does the radiator need to be installed in the bathroom? The answer is necessary! As is known that the bathroom is the coldest room among the spaces in your home. You can imagine how much cooler the bathroom in winter. It could be that condition can undo your intention to bathe. 🙂 For that, should the bathroom installed a radiator…

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example bathroom from Kohler

How to Make a Comfortable Bathroom

Everybody wants a comfortable bathroom to use. To make a comfortable bathroom we need careful planning otherwise we will face some problems like water leakage, slippery floor and poor ventilation. If you were lucky, you have felt the luxurious comfort of a bathroom in star hotels. This is because their bathroom was made with a design that has been calculated…

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All You Need to Know About Bathroom

Do you have any idea what a shower cubicle is? Do you know the difference between a toilet and a bidet? Can you tell me what a plughole is? You may think you have already known all you need to know about bathroom, but there is a big chance you don’t. There are times when you know what you’re talking about…

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example bathroom

Planning Examples of Bathroom

Specially designed polyester baths (wide shoulder and narrow foot sections) and shower unit offer space savings that make small rooms appear more spacious →① – ③.   Here are some other examples of bathroom planning that you can apply to your home.                 The bathroom with separate shower and bath is perfect for…

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floor drain - round type

Floor Drain

A floor drain is a plumbing fixture that is installed in the floor of a structure, for the most part intended to expel any standing water close it. They are generally round, however can likewise be square or rectangular. They as a rule extend from 2 to 12 inches (5.1 to 30.5 cm); most are 4 inches (10 cm) in distance across. They have…

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Causes Of Smell In The Bathroom

It is very uncomfortable to have a bathroom that smells unpleasant when it is always cleaned up but still also the odor that appears. Especially at any time there are guests or others who want to use the bathroom. There are various factors that cause odor in a bathroom. Dirty because it is rarely cleaned, no air circulation is well,…

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Hygienic Toilet with Touchless Flush

Before you begin to read the article below let me introduce myself. I’m an architect who will share you the knowledge of “Hygienic Toilet with Touchless Flush”. I do not aim to sell any products or materials which I am about to inform you. And I also do not have any connection with the factories or companies involved in the…

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The Location of the Bathroom in the House

Where the ideal location of the bathroom in the house…? In the past, people placed the bathroom at the back of the house and close to the kitchen. Many found it uncomfortable and unsettling when they are inside the bathroom and someone is cooking on the stove right next to their walls. Then someone started putting it adjacent to the…

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What are Dimensions and Sizes of the Bathroom?

What are dimensions and sizes of the bathroom? In the science of architecture, dimensions and sizes of the bathroom is not binding because in a house there are several bathrooms that cater to serve different users. In addition, the location or position of the bathroom often also make it must adjust to the circumstances in which it is located. In…

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