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How Tall a 2-Storey House Should Be?

This is a 2-storey house located in Germany. Germany is one of the richest countries in the world, so much so that even the poorer people in Germany have better access to a wider variety of food and nutrition. Clean water, antibiotics, healthcare, and  treatment are all available to Germans in greater quantities, so on average, Germans are taller than…

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Building an Energy Efficient Home

Here is an example of home design where the concept of this house is designed to be efficient in using energy. This house was built by DAVINCI HAUS which is a leading developer company in Germany.   DAVINCI HAUS ensures that the house is efficient in energy use because of its highly efficient insulation walls, roof structures made with PASSIVHAUS…

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Example of Home Design on a Narrow Area

This is an example of a house built on a fairly long land but an area that can be built rather narrow. This house was designed by DAVINCI HAUS, which later became its show unit located in Bad Vilbel.   Houses on this rather narrow land are built by combining of traditional post + beam timber construction with modern architecture…

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Design Examples of Timber House Construction

The oldest form of timber housing consisted of prepared logs or blocks placed one upon the other and structurally connected by rebated corner joints. Today, the most common form is timber framed housing (also balloon framed or half timbered construction). Vertical loads are transmitted to the ground through structural posts giving an economic form of construction that fulfills all the…

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Design Examples of Semi-detached Houses

Here are several design examples of Semi-detached houses. Semi-detached houses with dining room and surrounding terrace   Semi-detached houses with off-set levels   Semi-detached houses with square plan   Semi-detached houses L-shape with courtyard   Semi-detached houses with divided diagonally   Semi-detached houses with front entrance   Semi-detached houses with side entrance   L-shape semi-detached houses with two terraces  …

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example detached house

Design Examples of Detached House

A stand-alone dwelling is also called a single-detached house, detached residence or separate house. Detached house is a free-standing residential building. Sometimes referred to as a single family home as opposed to a multi-family residential dwelling. Here are several design examples of detached house by professional architects. L. Neff is the one who made this design example of detached house. This detached house has a…

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Houses with Conservatories

Conservatories are not simple glass buildings, but complex systems that must be designed with technical precision. Depending on the different uses of the conservatory, the glass system, the ventilation and shading must be harmonized in order to make it work satisfactorily. A conservatory provides a buffer zone between the outside climate and the interior of the house. Glass structures work…

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Examples Design of Courtyard House

Here is an example of design of courtyard house by A. Hennig. By using courtyards it is possible to provide additional living space that is both sheltered and private. In contrast to detached housing, courtyard developments allow a high quality of life to be offered to occupants using only a comparatively small amount of land area. Enclosed courtyard can be…

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typical design - town houses

Examples House of Typical Designs

This below are examples house of typical designs based on architectural: Semi-detached housing Linked housing Houses with courtyard gardens Terraced houses Town houses Semi-detached housingFrequently employed by developers and based on the use of identical designs. Also used on single-plot projects but rarely are the two halves individually designed. Garages or car ports are often included on the side boundaries.…

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