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The Minimum Standard Ceiling Height for Homes

Before we start discussing about the minimum standard ceiling height for homes, it’s good to know firsthand the main function of a ceiling. In a previous post, we’ve discussed that the use of ceiling is to cover the top structure of a room, be it the first/ground floor or the upper floor rooms. Ceiling is also used as an interior…

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Wooden Ceiling by Derako

The Derako solid wood ceiling system is one of a kind due to the many benefits it offers. All versions are suitable for ceiling applications in both interior and exterior uses and can be excellently used in curved or arched form. They are available in the versions: linear open, linear closed, linear multi-panel or grill system. Wooden Ceiling – Linear…

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ceiling board gypsum

Interior Ceiling Gypsum Board by American Gypsum

Description 1/2” Interior Ceiling Board is specifically formulated to meet the need for a lower weight ceiling panel with increased integrity in its gypsum core, making its sag resistance equivalent to 5/8” Type X wallboard. American Gypsum’s 1/2’’ Interior Ceiling Board is designed for use in wall and ceiling applications spaced no more than 24’’ o/c, and approved to be…

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The Best Height from Floor to Ceiling

What is the standard ceiling height? Specifically, in architecture, there is no set or fixed number for the height from floor to ceiling for the bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc. Though, to gain the best efficiency in a building, architecture recommends that the net/clear height of 2.75 m from floor to ceiling is suitable. “The structural members of the building…

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7 Types of Ceilings: “Their Pros and Cons”

By design, ceilings are as important as your house’s walls, flooring and furniture. You might think ceilings as merely the bottom part of a roof put on top of your four-walled house, but there’s a surprising number of ceiling types. Many styles of ceiling put as much of a statement of interior decor as the color of the room itself.…

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