AC position in the bedroom

Best Position for AC in the Bedroom

Air Conditioning (frequently alluded to as AC) is the process of removing heat from the interior of an occupied space, to enhance the comfort of occupants.  AC often use a fan to distribute the conditioned air to an occupied space to improve thermal comfort and indoor air quality.

So, where the best position of air conditioning in the bedroom to sleep can be comfortable?
The most important to determining the position of AC (indoor unit) in the bedroom is avoid the blast of air coming out of the AC directly leads to the bed.
And then to consider other things where the location of the air conditioner should be placed.


In the picture of the bedroom below there are several places that can be used as an AC position.

best position AC in the bedroom

best position AC in the bedroom

Of the four points (A, B, C, and D) that make it possible to place the air conditioner in this bedroom, the AC (indoor unit) position at point A is the best place to put it. Because when viewed at another point of placement such as; At point C and D, if AC is placed at point C, there is still a possibility that the bed will be hit by airflow directly from the air conditioner. Underneath there is furniture (nightstand table + light sleeper) that can be damaged or dangerous if at any time there is water dripping from air conditioner placed on it. At point B there is a cupboard, if air conditioning is placed on it then it will likely also damage the cupboard when there is a water droplet from the air conditioner.


This is the reason why position A is the exact position of the AC (indoor unit) in the bedroom above:

  1. Blowing air out of the air conditioner is not directly toward the bed.
  2. No other room furniture just below the air conditioner, no need to worry that there will be broken furniture if there are water droplets from AC.
  3. Easy when performing maintenance (service) AC, because the work area is roomy.


What about the location of the AC compressor engine (outdoor-unit)?
Generally outdoor-unit AC is placed (affixed) on the bedroom wall. Outdoor-unit AC position in this position is actually not good, because at certain times you will hear the vibration of the air compressor engine is working and it can interfere with your sleeping comfort. It would be better if you make a special place to outdoor-unit AC by making concrete on the ground so that the vibration of the compressor is directly muffled to the ground (not the wall of the room) and you will be able to clean the AC compressor easily.

outdoor-unit position

outdoor-unit AC position
This picture take from:

Well, after you read about ac positions in the bedroom, maybe you should read The Best Air Conditioner to Buy in 2018: Wind-Free™ because this ac no longer exhale cold wind, so it is very comfortable if installed in your bedroom.


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