Arrange the Kitchen Cabinets According to Ergonomic Level

This paper is a deeper explanation of the important steps of making a kitchen cabinets. Where in the step it is advisable to plan a place for the placement of goods arranged (sorted) in accordance with the correct ergonomic level. This means that the goods or materials that will often be used are placed in the most accessible place without having to make the position of the body becomes stressed (bent or squatting).

The image below shows a kitchen cabinets that has been built according to a planned placement of goods that have been prepared based on the correct ergonomic level.

ergonomic level

ergonomic level

The color difference shown above shows the ergonomic level of a kitchen cabinets. From the picture above, we can arrange the goods as follows:

  • The dark brown cupboard or drawer is a storage place of goods that are often used.
  • The light brown cabinets or drawers are storage places that are not used very often.
  • The yellow cabinets or drawers are storage places for the rarely used items.

If you arrange the items in accordance with the instructions above, then it is certain that you will rarely bend or squat while working in the kitchen to take the necessary items so that your cooking activities will become more comfortable and enjoyable.

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