All You Need to Know About The Living Room

Do you have any idea what a grate is? Do you know the difference between a fireplace and a fire surround? Can you tell me what a hearth is? You may think you have already known all you need to know about the living room, but there is a big chance you don’t.
There are times when you know what you’re talking about or pointing on, but you don’t know its name. And there are times when you’ve heard of a name a lot, but you have no clue what it actually is.


The picture below shows all you need to know about the living room.

all about the living room

the living room


Use this table to find what you want to know about living room. Use this search box to find anything specifically.

armchaircomfortable chair with sides on which you can rest your arms.
bookcasea piece of furniture with shelves for keeping books on.
coastera small flat object which you put under a glass to protect the top of a table.
coffee tablea small low table for putting magazines, cups, etc. on, usually in front of a sofa.
docking stationa piece of equipment to which a portable device, for example a laptop computer, can be connected so that it can be used with a printer, a keyboard, speakers, etc.
fireplacean open space for a fire in the wall of a room.
fire surrounda metal frame that is put in front of a fire in a room to prevent people from burning themselves.
flat-screen TVa type of television that is very thin when compared with the original type.
floorboardsa long flat piece of wood in a wooden floor.
footstoola low piece of furniture used for resting your feet on when you are sitting.
gratea metal frame for holding the wood or coal in a fireplace.
hearththe floor at the bottom of a fireplace (= the space for a fire in the wall of a room); the area in front of this.
houseplanta plant that you grow in a pot and keep indoors.
magazine rack(often in compounds) a piece of equipment, usually made of metal or wooden bars, that is used for holding magazine or for hanging things on.
mantelpiecea shelf above a fireplace.
MP3 playera small piece of equipment that can store information taken from the Internet and that you can carry with you, for example so that you can listen to music.
occasional tablea small light table that is easy to move, used for different things at different times.
plant pota container for growing plants in.
radiatora hollow metal device for heating rooms. Radiators are usually connected by pipes through which hot water is sent.
reclinera soft comfortable chair with a back that can be pushed back at an angle so that you can lean back in it.
remote controla device that allows you to operate a television, etc. from a distance.
ruga piece of thick material like a small carpet that is used for covering or decorating part of a floor.
scatter cushion(North American English ‘throw pillow’) a small cushion that can be placed on furniture, on the floor, etc. for decoration
shelfa flat board, made of wood, metal, glass, etc., fixed to the wall or forming part of a cupboard/closet, bookcase, etc., for things to be placed on.
sofaa long comfortable seat with a back and arms, for two or more people to sit on.
vasea container made of glass, etc., used for holding cut flowers or as a decorative object.
waste-paper basketa basket or other container for waste paper, etc.


And many more things related to the living room or something like that shown in the picture below:

all about the living room

The living room – 2


So, I hope that by reading this – examining that picture especially – helped you to figure out all you need to know about the living room.

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