All You Need to Know About the City

Do you have any idea what a pedestrian precinct is? Do you know the difference between a theatre and cinema? Can you tell me what a busker is? You may think you have already known all you need to know about the city, but there is a big chance you don’t.
There are times when you know what you’re talking about or pointing on, but you don’t know its name. And there are times when you’ve heard of a name a lot, but you have no clue what it actually is.


The picture below shows all you need to know about the city.

all you need to know about city

the City

Use this table to find what you want to know about the city. Use this search box to find anything specifically.

alleya narrow passage behind or between buildings.
arcadea covered passage with arches along the side of a row of buildings (usually a row of shops/stores).
awninga sheet of strong cloth that stretches out from above a door or window to keep off the sun or rain.
bannera long piece of cloth with a message on it that is carried between two poles or hung in a public place to show support for something.
billboard(British English also 'hoarding') noun a large board on the outside of a building or at the side of the road, used for putting advertisements on
bollarda short thick post that is used to stop vehicles from going on to a road or part of a road.
buskera person who performs music in a public place and asks for money from people passing by.
bus stopa place at the side of a road that is marked with a sign, where buses stop.
cafea place where you can buy drinks and simple meals. Alcohol is not usually served in British or American cafes.
clock towera tall tower, usually part of another building, with a clock at the top.
cinema(usually North American English 'movie theater', 'theater') a building in which films/movies are shown.
cranea tall machine with a long arm, used to lift and move building materials and other heavy objects.
cycle lane(North American English 'bicycle lane', informal 'bike lane') a part of a road that only bicycles are allowed to use.
domea round roof with a circular base.
flaga piece of cloth with a special coloured design on it that may be the symbol of a particular country or organization, or may have a particular meaning.
flagpolea tall pole on which a flag is hung.
fountaina structure from which water is sent up into the air by a pump, used to decorate parks.
kerb(North American English 'curb') the edge of the raised path at the side of a road, usually made of long pieces of stone.
lamp posta tall post in the street with a lamp at the top.
main street(especially in names) the main street of a town/city, where most shops/stores, banks, etc. are
marketan occasion when people buy and sell goods; the open area.
market stalla table or small shop with an open front that people sell things from.
museuma building in which objects of artistic, cultural, historical or scientific interest are kept and shown to the public.
office blocka large building that contains offices, usually belonging to more than one company.
parking metera machine beside the road that you put money into when you park your car next to it.
pavement(North American English 'sidewalk') a flat part at the side of a road for people to walk on
pedestrian crossinga part of a road where vehicles must stop to allow people to cross.
pedestrian precincta part of a town, especially a shopping area, that vehicles are not allowed to enter.
postboxa public box, for example in the street, that you put letters into when you send them.
railingsa fence made of vertical metal bars; one of these bars.
road signa sign near a road giving information or instructions to drivers.
shopa building or part of a building where you can buy goods or services.
shopping centrea group of shops/stores built together, sometimes under one roof.
skyscrapera very tall building in a city.
statuea figure of a person or an animal in stone, metal, etc., usually the same size as in real life or larger.
taxi ranka place where taxis park while they are waiting for passengers.
theatrea building or an outdoor area where plays and similar types of entertainment are performed.
traffic lightsa signal that controls the traffic on a road, by means of red, orange and green lights that show when you must stop and when you can go.


So, I hope that by reading this – examining that picture especially – helped you to figure out all you need to know about the city.

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