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All You Need to Know About a Garage

Do you have any idea what a garage is? A garage is a building meant for keeping one or more cars or other vehicles in. A garage typically houses one or two cars, although a garage can be made larger for more vehicles. This is what mostly makes up people’s knowledge of what a garage is. What else do you need to know about a garage?

See, when a garage is attached to a house, the garage typically has an entry door into the house. A garage normally has a wide door which can be raised to permit the entry and exit of a vehicle, and then closed to secure the vehicle. The door isn’t merely for security, it is also to protect your vehicle from precipitation so your vehicle will last for a long time. If it is equipped with a locking garage door, it will protect your vehicle(s) from theft and vandalism much better.

house with garage - Davinci Haus

house with garage – Davinci Haus


Another thing you need to know about a garage is that some garages have an electrical mechanism to automatically open or close the garage door when the homeowner presses a button on a small remote control. Some garages have enough space, even with cars inside, for the storage of items such as bicycles or a lawnmower; in some cases, there may even be enough space for a workshop or a man cave. Garages that are attached to a house may be built with the same external materials and roofing as the house. Garages that are not connected to the home may use a different style of construction from the house.

garages that are not connected to the house - Davinci Haus

garages that are not connected to the house – Davinci Haus


When you’re looking up certain information trying to find all you need to know about a garage, sometimes you might not find it. This is because in some places, the term is used synonymously with “carport”, though that term normally describes a structure that, while roofed, is not completely enclosed. A carport protects the vehicle to some degree from inclement weather, but it does not protect the vehicle from theft or vandalism like a garage does.

carport - Davinci Haus

carport – Davinci Haus


The above example houses that utilize the functionality of garage, taken from the official website of Davinci Haus, which is a real estate company in Germany.

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