5 Ways to Breathe Better at Home

For security and comfort reasons, we need a house. We know a house must have at least 3 things: a roof, a door, and walls. Even if you fulfilled all three criteria, it’s not a very ideal home because it’s not comfortable for you to breathe in. So here are 5 ways to breathe better at home.

1. Outside Air
A home needs outside air. You can condition the air at home with air conditioners, heating and cooling systems, but these won’t work when there are fumes from cooking and kerosene heaters. Or if you have a hobby such as woodworking or painting, the fumes would accumulate in your house, so you’ll need windows to let outside air in.

2. No Cleaning Products
Your house needs maintenance which means you’ll probably buy cleaning products from the supermarket. Well, some cleaning products have chemicals that can cause breathing problems, and they’re also especially dangerous for people with allergy or asthma. To breathe better at home please avoid cleaning products with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), fragrances, or flammable ingredients. If you can’t find any that lacks these three, you can make your own house cleaning products with plain soap combined with water and some baking soda or vinegar.
When cleaning your house, take special care for your bathroom at home. It’s often damp, which is something fungus and moss loves. There may be molds which tiny spores can enter your lungs. To breathe better turn on a fan or open a window to move air after you shower and hang up wet towels and washcloths.
Remember to also clean cabinet tops, vent hoods, behind toilets and under bathroom sinks. If you have pets, remember that they may collect grease, food, grime, or water, so wash them every other day too.

3. No air fresheners
Surprisingly, avoid air fresheners and aerosol sprays to breathe better at home. Oh, they smell nice, but they have VOCs in them that will most likely bother your nose and throat. On that nose, some health and beauty products have VOCs too, so please be careful on what you spend money on.

4. No cockroaches
Alive, they’re dirty and annoying. Dead, they can still cause problems. When they die, their bodies break down into small bits and those can get into the air – same with their poop. These small dirty things can get into sheets, pillows and other fabrics. Number 3 recommended you to avoid sprays, so the solution to breathe better at home with cockroaches is to use roach baits.

5. Houseplants [link: pros and cons of gardening wall-climbing plants]
They look nice to look and good for your home’s air. They’re not even hard to maintain (link: how to successfully garden wall-climbing plants) as some claim, they simply need good soil and be watered at least every afternoon. If you’re home is not well-ventilated, houseplants can absorb excess carbon dioxide and replace them with oxygen, making the air cleaner and make you breathe better at home. The easiest houseplants you can grow and keep to breathe better at home are ficus trees, peace lilies and certain types of palms.

So these are 5 ways to breathe better at home.

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  • Jenelia August 28, 2018 at 11:21 am

    Hi there,
    Wow! nice tips to breathe better at home.
    I like your last point very much. Really house plant does better for us to breathe.
    Thank You! for sharing this…


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